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All about Vintage – Our mission statement

Vintage Treasures is different and unique. Everything you see in our store has a history, character and a positive energy. This is our promise.

A little History of Bridal Fashion

Queen Victoria's wedding

Queen Victoria’s wedding; Source: Vintage Royal Wedding













While in our modern Western world WHITE is the most popular color for bridal dresses, it hasn’t always been that way!

For most of history brides would wear all sorts of colors, even darker ones. Most of the times she would not even purchase a dress specifically made for the occasion, but simply wear the best dress she has. Unlike today marriages were hardly ever made out of love, but for business. An event that was more like a deal between two families, a beneficial arrangement or alliance. Hence wedding dresses were chosen to present the bride’s family in the best light and to show off their wealth.

It was the marriage of England’s Queen Victoria to her cousin Albert in 1840 that changed the status quo. The media was raving about the Queen’s stunning white dress that was dripping with orange blossoms and an American news magazine declared that white was the most fitting color for a bride. From then on brides interested in showing off their wealth and social rank had to be dressed in white gowns made from excessive amounts of fabric.

These days, brides can chose from an unlimited variety of colors, styles and fabrics for their walk down the aisle. While shape and style vary from bride to bride, traditional white and light-colored dresses are still most popular, even though today white is seen not so much as an expression of wealth but rather of purity and virtue.

In India, China and other Eastern countries, brides often wear red dresses or a combination out of red and white, as the color red symbolizes auspiciousness and good luck. In Japan, brides prefer to wear colorful dresses with delicate patterns.



Muslim red wedding dress

Muslim red wedding dress; Source: 123 RF

Source: Swigga

Lady Diana’s wedding dress: Source: Swigga

The magic of the ring

  Silver Rings

When you get up in the morning and choose what to wear for the day it is a very personal choice. Perhaps sometimes you feel more like jeans and t-shirt while on other days it is a dress or a suit that just “feels right”. With jewelry it is just the same: it has to feel right. Just that one can wear the same piece every day and for some it never gets old.

Jewelry speaks to us. It carries a certain vibe, an energy, a feeling, in some cases even wisdom. Gemstones and natural materials such as silver and gold all have a different vibration and influence the energy of the person wearing it.

Some of our customers comment that they haven’t chosen the ring, the ring has chosen them. This is not uncommon. Jewelry emanates a certain vibration that is palpable to the sensitive person. Shape, style and material  has to be pleasing to the eyes of the new owner of the jewelry but sometimes a piece that one never thought “one’s style” feels surprisingly good and right.


Even the finger a person wears a ring on is of importance: The index finger is correlated with self-confidence, ambition, leadership, executive ability, leadership. The middle finger with a sense of right and wrong, the law, search for truth, propriety, self-analysis and secretiveness. The ring finger represents, above all, creativity. It is creativity in artistic expression, in craftsmanship in every endeavor of life. The little finger is associated to intuition and intelligence.

Here at Vintage Treasures we have a wide variety of rings, most of them beautiful old Vintage pieces that certainly have a certain vibe and energy and history. We are delighted to help you find the right piece for you from silver to custom from simple to exotic.



What is Turquoise:

Turquoise is one of the stones we sell here at Vintage Treasures the most! Known the stone of wisdom and spiritual journeys, it is the stone of the Native Americans but was also worn for thousands of years in Egypt, ancient Persia (Iran), Tibet and China. The oldest known piece of jewelry, a turquoise bracelet, was found on the wrist of a 7000 year-old mummified Egyptian queen.

The oldest mine on the North American continent, the Cerrillos mine just south of Santa Fe, New Mexico, dates back at least 2000 years.


To the Pueblo and the Navajo Native American Indians, turquoise is sacred because it takes its color from the sky, and
symbolizes the supreme power of the Creator.

Around 1920, Turquoise Jewelry became popular in western United States.

Today it’s among the most popular gemstones. Turquoise is believed to help you to better understand yourself, your ideas and emotions. It is a wonderful aid in regards to any type of analytical thinking. Modern spiritualists consider turquoise to be helpful for spiritual attunement, cleansing, protection and prosperity and a symbol of the earth and sky, of good fortune and success. Some cultures consider it a bridge between heaven and earth.

We have a wide selection of turquoise rings, ear rings and other jewelry from Native American originals to artistic contemporary pieces.

Why wear jewelry?

Jewelry; noun

1. Articles of gold, silver, precious stones, etc., for personal adornment.
2. Any ornaments for personal adornment, as necklaces or cuff links, including those of base metals, glass, plastic, or the like.

Jewels were part of human culture since humans first started using clothes and tools some 100.000 years ago. Its purpose always remained the same: jewelry enables the wearer to express himself (herself) without using words, showing wealth, rank, political and religious affiliation or affections toward someone.

No matter what your rank, political or religious affliction is: We at Vintage Treasures are on the hunt for the most beautiful, old and precious pieces of jewelry from all over the world. Our collection is one of the largest in the greater Los Angeles area. Waiting for you to be found…

A little bit of history… on custom jewelry.

Custom jewelry would today most likely not be called “custom jewelry” at all. More likely “outfit jewelry”, as it refers to the old term for what one wears. These pompous and decorative rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces were originally manufactured as ornamentation to complement a particular fashionable costume or garment. Originally, costume or fashion jewelry was made of inexpensive simulated gemstones and inexpensive glass and incorporate a wide range of materials such as simulates diamonds, semi-precious stones and metals like brass, pewter and nickel.
The golden era for the costume jewelry began in the middle of the 20th century when the new middle class wanted beautiful, but affordable, jewelry. The industrial revolution made the production of replicas of admired and expensive heirloom possible and designers and artists such as Chanel, Dior and Monet made custom jewelry fashionable and wanted. In many instances, high-end fashion jewelry has achieved a “collectible” status, and increases in value over time.

Vintage rings and jewelry

“Wow!” what we hear quite often here at Vintage Treasures. It’s usually the first word that comes to mind when our customers exclaim enter the store. Yes, the abundance of Vintage rings, pins, pendants, earrings, necklaces and so on can be a little bit overwhelming. Our collection is huge, and we are proud of that!

From antique Sterling silver jewelry to Native American ornaments and decorative custom made pieces, our showcases are like little treasure troves. It takes some time to take it all in. Whether you are looking for a specific ornament or piece of jewelry or if you are just browsing – we are happy to help you find the unique piece of jewelry that fits your style and makes you shine.

We also have a wide array of cuff links and men rings. And if you should fall in love with a certain ring or necklace but it doesn’t fit don’t you worry about that! We can alter and repair more of the pieces!

My View


When we say vintage it means something with a history. Something from the past the already traveled to now and will travel to the future. It means Art and detail. A creation of a vision or story with a lot of chapters.

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