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All About Vintage

Vintage Treasures is all about something different and unique.Everything you see in the store from top to bottom must have a story ,character and positive energy.Otherwise it will not belong in our store.

Jewels or Treasures


Vintage rings and jewelry

“Wow!” what we hear quite often here at Vintage Treasures. It’s usually the first word that comes to mind when our customers exclaim enter the store. Yes, the abundance of Vintage rings, pins, pendants, earrings, necklaces and so on can be a little bit overwhelming. Our collection is huge, and we are proud of that!

From antique Sterling silver jewelry to Native American ornaments and decorative custom made pieces, our showcases are like little treasure troves. It takes some time to take it all in. Whether you are looking for a specific ornament or piece of jewelry or if you are just browsing – we are happy to help you find the unique piece of jewelry that fits your style and makes you shine.

We also have a wide array of cuff links and men rings. And if you should fall in love with a certain ring or necklace but it doesn’t fit don’t you worry about that! We can alter and repair more of the pieces!

My View


IMAG0450When we say vintage it means something with a history. Something from the past the already traveled to now and will travel to the future. It means Art and detail. A creation of a vision or story with a lot of chapters.

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Vintage Treasures